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Blackburn Propane has been providing propane sales, service and delivery to customers in Southern Utah since 1988. We have decades of experience provinding dependable propane service to both residential and commercial customers, including general contractors and owner builders. We have solutions to meet your needs, and we are committed to providing our customers with competitive, low pricing and fast, friendly service.
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Commercial/Industrial Propane Services

Forklift Propane – Forklift propane cylinders and forklift propane tank exchanges

Mower Propane – Propane cylinder exchange and delivery for golf course mowers and landscaping equipment

Irrigation Pump Propane – Propane is the affordable, clean-burning alternative to diesel and electric irrigation engines

Propane Autogas – Clean Fleet Fuel – Fleet propane for trucks, vans and buses

Space Heating – Propane patio heaters and propane space heaters for events

Food Service Propane – Propane for food trucks, restaurants and catering

Propane Cylinder Exchange – For BBQ Gas, forklift propane tanks and floor buffer tanks

Temporary Construction Heating – Propane heating systems for painting and drywall contractors

Crop Drying – Propane fueled crop driers for seasonal crop processing

Dairy Water Heating – Propane for dairy farms and large capacity water heaters

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