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Propane Delivery

Whether it’s keeping you warm through the cold winter, helping you get dinner on the table, or making sure your morning shower is a warm, welcome experience, Blackburn Propane ensures you that your house is a home.

Commercial & Industrial Service

Blackburn’s Propane provides a variety of commercial and industrial propane services, including propane tank exchanges, propane for mowers and irrigation pumps, and propane for temporary construction heating. For a full list of our Commercial and Industrial propane services, please see our About Us page.

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Wireless Tank Monitoring

Wireless tank monitoring is a remote tank monitoring system that automatically records the level of propane in your tank and then transmits the data to the Blackburn Propane data center. Wireless monitors represent a major advancement in customer service and provides you with the security of knowing you’ll never run out of gas.

Tank Installation & Removal

We want to make the change from your existing company to Blackburn’s as simple and painless as possible. We will bring out a new Blackburn tank and remove your old tank. After we have your new tank installed, one of our trained technicians will perform a Gas Check on your entire system to ensure there are no leaks found and he will re-light any pilots that need to be lit and make sure all other propane appliances are functioning properly.

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Installation Services

We are a full service propane company and our staff is trained to handle any job that our customers may need from the smallest to the biggest we have you covered. We provide a trenching service for lines including new installation or moving your tank from its existing location. Our technicians are also trained to diagnose and repair just about any propane equipment problem that might happen with your gas appliance. We can install any size underground tank from a 120 gallon to a 30,000 gallon tank, and we can install and supply any size aboveground tank that you need from a 57 gallon tank to a 30,000 gallon tank. We keep a number of new tanks in stock at all times.

RV Park Service

We have many smaller size tanks available to accommodate all RV park needs. Whether you are staying for a few months or are there more permanently, we have got you covered.